It's Business

by King Noire

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Soundtrack of a sex worker. It's Business is a tongue in cheek nod to the worlds oldest profession & King Noire's hustle.


It’s Business
Written & Performed by: King Noire
Produced by: DJ Paradox

(Verse 1)
-Said there's no business like show business except hoe business I know/
So stay the fuck up out my business mind yo business get doe/
No way that I'm a molasses cuz your ass is getting it slow/ 
So get yours or fall back yo 
And if it's stacks tho than... 
-Always on the grind/
Dot the i's cross dollar signs/ 
Most valuable thing you can spend is time/ So I stay on top of mine/ 
I don't waste it/
So save it/ 
You basic just face it/
You brought nothing to the table so leave with everything you came with...

And I’ll call you I’ll call you

(Verse 2)
-Or maybe I won't/
Whether I do or I don't/
Your toxic personalities actually fallacy fucking whoever come close/
You're doing the most...
So how are you broke?
If it Don't serve a purpose ain't got no service
To busy burning this smoke...
Bad for business mean that shits bad for me/
Stop talking to them then they talk about you now that shits blasphemy/
Causality you deaded get it that ship already done sailed/ 
So casually Im on the wave and sending your shit to the voicemail...

And I’ll call you I’ll call you

(Verse 3)
-So I Gotta do it my way/(my way)
You know Sex sells and rhyme pay/(rhyme pay)
Monopolizing all day/(all day)
Smooth operator Sade/(ok)
Don't pay me no mind if you can't afford it/
Your account to low and won't support it/
If we fucking it's recorded/
This dick ain't free tho get up off it...
And that's bet/
With no blood tears and no sweat/
They Wanna run around with your set/
Except when it comes time to collect/
It's Money power respect/
So don't take it personal yet/
Cuz besides a personal check that's as far as personal get... step

And I’ll call you I’ll call you


released November 15, 2018
Written & Performed by: King Noire
Produced by: DJ Paradox


all rights reserved



King Noire Clearwater, Florida

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